July 20, 2018
11 months and 28 days since
our celebration.
                                OTHER THINGS     
​                                  MAY CHANGE
                                  BUT WE START
                                AND END WITH

Photoshow of the 2016 Family Reunion:
Reunion Dates: July 20 - 22, 2018

Hello Family Members!        (2020 Reunion INFO Coming Soon)
The 2018 Smart Family Reunion is approaching quickly, and we want to see you there! 
We are sending you this invitation and registration form to personally invite you to our
2018 Smart Family Reunion in the beautiful city of Tampa, Florida!

The chosen dates for the upcoming reunion are scheduled for July 20-22, 2018. We need your support, prayers, and diligent cooperation to make this an excellent event and enable us to springboard into greater efforts for future reunions.

Embodied in each of us, this reunion’s theme is: “In This Family, We Are Naturally Smart!”  Colors: Royal Blue & Gold

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