Our 2021Reunion Host Karen S Cooper
Our 2021Reunion Host Karen S Cooper
Smart Family Reunion 2021   CANCELLED

Good evening family! Again I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your love and support for allowing me to host our original 2020 Family Reunion to be held in ATL Ga. It has been a long journey for all of us due to COVID 19. We lost loves ones along the way, had to rescheduled reunion and then eventually cancel until further notice. it has been a great pleasure in spite of the ups and down working with each of you.
I thank you for your understanding, hard work, dedication, but most of all your love. It takes a team to host an event such like this and you were that team! I will be looking forward to seeing you all at our next family reunion in the near future. I'm resigning as a committee member at this time as well, as stated in telephone conference today. Due to future endeavors my time maybe limited and I would not want to dedicate to something that I know my whole heart, sweat, and tears would not be in it. I whether my time to be productive than just busy.  There is a difference Wink
I love you all and I'm sure this would not be the last time we speak, see, or communicate in any way!
Now for business related updates 2021 Family Reunion:
1Embedded below: Cancellation of 2021 Hotel Contract and Ga. State Park  Reservation.
2.All non committee members will received a full refund- Checks being mailed out by Tuesday. I have contacted each person (s) that their refund is on the way.
3.Any other monies collected (from committee members) went toward deposit on hotel plus mailings (2x) which also included paper, ink & printing cost of registration letters.
4.We lost our deposit from hotel which was 1000.00 (this was paid out of funds received from committee members)
5(Ga. Park Reservation)was refunded and will be held in pot to transfer over for next scheduled family reunion.
6.Balance left in post will be transferred over to responsible party as soon as that is made available These funds is the balance of funds transferred from 2018 Family Reunion.
**Note: Question & Answer- Marion asked about Myrna registration fee.Would she receive a refund? Due to committee members fees was used to pay for the deposit on hotel. Please see above # 3. At the time she was an active committee member.
Moving forward, the next committee meeting will be held in mid July with all committee members that will be apart of the upcoming reunion to discuss the following:
COVID 19 updates
Next Smart Family Reunion attentive date
Committee member Host
Funds transferred
God's Love,
Karen Kissing heart