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'Succession' star Brian Cox: 'You can't underestimate Logan in any shape or form'
We're toward the end of our interview time when actor Brian Cox, in describing his character's few but strong loyalties on HBO's "Succession," raises his voice to the level most people only hear through the television.

New trailer for 'The Batman' shows a gritty Gotham and familiar foes
The new trailer for "The Batman," the latest reboot of the iconic movie franchise, features a recognizably dark and gritty Gotham and previews the return of several of the superhero's most infamous enemies.

TV OT: Joe Goldberg v. Dexter Morgan: Sizing up TV's serial killer kings. Plus, a critic's conundrum
A strike is looming but the work on TV OT continues. Here's this week's column:

Tony Bennett has set a new Guinness World Record
One thing is for sure: Tony Bennett knows how to keep the music playing.

Union calls deal to avert strike 'a Hollywood ending' as negotiations continue for workers in other parts of country
A threatened strike on major TV and film production was averted Saturday night, just hours before a midnight deadline.

Superman's motto gets a modern update: 'Truth, Justice and a Better Tomorrow'
Superman's iconic motto, "Truth, Justice and the American Way," is getting an official update for the first time in decades.

Adele's best songs for every mood
We know it seems like most of Adele's music is about heartbreak, but that's just because she does it so well.

'Stop it': CNN reporter dismisses talk about Adele's weight
Adele's new single has dropped, but people are still talking about her weight loss more than her music. This week on "Pop Off," CNN entertainment reporter Lisa Respers France and her best friend Audrey Irvine examine our obsession with celebrities' bodies. Subscribe to Lisa's "Pop Life Chronicles" newsletter here.

'The Last Duel' doesn't disappoint, but the lengthy buildup to it does
"The Last Duel" of the title doesn't disappoint in director Ridley Scott's latest period epic, but the protracted buildup to it somewhat does. A "Rashomon"-like tale that tells its story from different perspectives, this fact-based adaptation of Eric Jager's book is muddy, bloody and grim but too drawn out in filtering 14th-century feudal norms through a modern prism.

'I Know What You Did Last Summer' and 'Day of the Dead' stretch movie horror into series
For anyone who watched "I Know What You Did Last Summer" or "Night of the Living Dead" and thought, "I wish that movie was four times longer," Amazon and Syfy have series for you, because it's that time of year for scary shows, and as things currently stand in TV/streaming, anything worth doing is worth overdoing.