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​Do you sing? Dance? Perform spoken word? Play an instrument?
Or know someone in the family who does?

​Whatever your talent is, we would love for you to show it off during the Banquet at our
family reunion this year. We are presenting the Smart Family  Talent Show.
If interested, please email Karen Cooper  at: for more details.

1st  PRIZE $100.00
2nd PRIZE $50.00
3rd PRIZE $25.00

5. The best idea for family reunions is to have one. Family is important. Our society is in need
of slowing down and focusing on the real important things in life, like family. We need to
instill in our children that family is important. Kind words are great, but there is nothing like action to truly show people how much you love and care for them. Taking the time to come together as a family speaks volume to your entire family.
4. Family reunions are a great way to keep the family history alive and well. Tradition should
be a big part of your family. Taking the time to come together and teach (in a fun way) the tradition of your family will keep it alive and strong.
3. We are not promised tomorrow. Talking about how you “should” attend a family reunion is
not having a family reunion. There will come a day when a precious member of your family
will not be able to attend. Take the time to get together.
2. Kids who grew up going to family reunions are more likely to keep the ball rolling for future generations.

1. So what are you waiting for? Start planning to attend now! 

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