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Chris Pratt can go from the famous Chrises, according to Twitter
Twitter has decided that, if given a choice, it chooses to cancel Chris Pratt.

'The Voice' returns tonight with a virtual audience and an audition to inspire your soul
"The Voice" returns tonight for its season 19 premiere with an episode that will be unlike any other.

Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy spark 'Hocus Pocus' hysteria with reunion pic
This might be the best thing that's happened to Halloween.

Sacha Baron Cohen explains how he crashed Pence speech dressed as Trump
Actor Sacha Baron Cohen says he has "had a longstanding distaste for the president," but that didn't stop him from impersonating him.

'Brokeback Mountain' set for virtual reading with all-transgender cast
Fifteen years after "Brokeback Mountain" was released, the screenplay is set for a virtual remake with an all-transgender cast.

'SNL' mocks the Trump and Biden town halls
"Saturday Night Live" covered both Donald Trump's and Joe Biden's competing town halls like many viewers, by flipping back and forth between the two.

'Supermaket Sweep' hopes to get you swept into the fun
A little more than seven months ago, I stood in a line at my local Vons supermarket with a rack of frozen ribs and a frozen turkey in my cart. I've never cooked ribs before and the calendar was closer to Valentine's Day than Thanksgiving, but I didn't know when I'd get another opportunity to buy some meat.

Justin Bieber gives an emotional performance on 'SNL' with Chance the Rapper
Justin Bieber laid it all out during his performance of "Holy" with Chance the Rapper on "Saturday Night Live."

Color-blind casting still doesn't get a pass
History has a way of repeating itself.

Kanye West responds to Issa Rae's 'SNL' joke: 'I'm praying for her'
Kanye West is speaking out after being mentioned in Issa Rae's "Saturday Night Live" skit.