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'GoT' and 'Big Bang Theory' finales mark shift to fewer shared TV experiences
Two major hits, "Game of Thrones" and "The Big Bang Theory," are signing off within days of each other. Whether those shared viewing experiences represent a celebration or a wake is once again the subject of debate in TV industry circles.

Why some 'GoT' viewers aren't happy with this final season
"Game of Thrones" fans are fed up. This final season was supposed to be a climax of brilliant storytelling, a time when all the pieces in this sprawling, intricate Westeros puzzle finally snapped into place.

Elton John and Taron Egerton team up for epic 'Rocket Man' duet
Talk about the ultimate duet.

Robert Pattinson 'Batman' report is a dark night for some
Gotham is shook.

'The Big Bang Theory' finale closes with a big dose of heart
The following contains spoilers about "The Big Bang Theory" series finale.

Tati Westbrook drops new video in James Charles drama
Tati Westbrook has been trying to take some time away from the James Charles drama, but she shared a video because she "wants the hate to stop."

Backstreet Boys release new 20th anniversary edition of 'I Want It That Way'
Even if you all your high school years listening to "I Want It That Way" on a loop, it's safe to say you've never heard the song quite like this before.

Eurovision faces backlash as musical kitschfest hits Israel
Always camp, often cheesy and occasionally political, the Eurovision Song Contest rarely passes off without some kind of controversy.

Six things 'Game of Thrones' can learn from past series finales
"Game of Thrones" comes to an end this Sunday, amid a level of hoopla reserved for TV's elite few. Still, it's hardly the first show to evoke a passionate response, or have the opportunity to craft an ending that's sure to be analyzed, dissected and debated for years to come.

How to make your wedding vows 'Grey's Anatomy'-good
To help get myself into bride mode after my engagement a few months ago, I rewatched all of my favorite TV wedding episodes -- from "Grey's Anatomy" and "ER" to "Friends" and "Parks and Recreation."